Our company was started to share our love for organic food with people who care about the quality, purity and source of their nutrition. 
We wanted to share the products which are (a) USDA certified organic, (b) made with controlled ingredients,
and (c) are sourced from the USA
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The Organic Whey Blog

What is A2 Milk and Should You Drink It?

February 27, 2015

California residents might soon be seeing a newcomer to their dairy case. It’s called A2 milk and it’s all the rage in Australia. The company is now hopeful that it can take up some retail space in U.S. stores, launching its unique milk product on California shelves this April. But what is A2 milk, exactly? It sounds a lot more scientific than appetizing. But according to Food Navigator, it’s not all that high-tech after all. “Most dairy cows produce milk containing A1 and A2 beta casein, which form around 30% of the total protein in milk solids.” It turns out that, at least according to the a2 Milk Company making this product, that the A1 beta casein is most responsible... Continue Reading →

5 Best Post-Workout Foods for Optimal Recovery        

February 24, 2015

There’s not much to rival that glorious post workout feeling—you’re glowing from the inside out—pumped, strong, empowered. Sitting down to a meal can feel a little, well, unappetizing after a strenuous workout. There’s a good chance you won’t even be hungry. But here’s why you should workout and some of the best post-workout foods. Ideally, you eat within 30-60 minutes of a strong workout. This is considered a recovery meal to help your muscles, bones, and joints replenish whatever’s been lost during your session. Of course you want protein to help do this, but you don’t need to sit down to a steak. In fact, the opposite may be just what you need. Do any of these post-workout foods surprise... Continue Reading →