Our company was started to share our love for organic food with people who care about the quality, purity and source of their nutrition. 
We wanted to share the products which are (a) USDA certified organic, (b) made with controlled ingredients,
and (c) are sourced from the USA
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The Organic Whey Blog

Watercress: It’s the New Kale

January 27, 2015

  Leafy green vegetables like kale are undoubtedly good for you: they’re loaded with vitamins, minerals and amino acids, fiber, protein and even healthy fats. But, it turns out there may be a green vegetable that’s healthier than kale. Yes, something healthier than kale. Say hello to watercress. Touted as the hot vegetable topping the food trends predicted for 2015, it turns out that the delicate, peppery watercress is a seriously healthy food too, way healthier than kale. That’s the finding of a study published in the Centers for Disease Control’s Chronic Disease Prevention journal. Researchers out of William Paterson University in New Jersey ranked more than 40 fruits and vegetables based on the presence of 17 critical nutrients, including fiber, protein,... Continue Reading →

Why a Pre-Breakfast Workout Might Be the Best for Weight Loss Goals

January 23, 2015

One of the biggest challenges in keeping our fitness goals is time. We don’t have the time to workout, is a common excuse. Between kids, work and you know, breathing, sleeping and eating, there’s often little time for anything else. Of course, we also know by now that committing to regular exercise is significantly important for our health. It adds years to our lives, prevents diseases, makes us look and feel better. That all sounds terrific, but when are we supposed to do this? According to the New York Times, see if you can make a bit of time in the morning, before you eat to get some exercise in, especially if weight loss is a goal for working out.... Continue Reading →