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The Organic Whey Blog

Not Another Smoothie! 12 Other (Delicious!) Ways to Use Whey Protein Powder

February 05, 2016

  If you’ve can’t seem to get enough whey protein, you’re not alone. Not only is it a delicious protein product, but it’s so, so... Read More

Want to Survive a Heart Attack? Get in Better Shape, Study Says

February 02, 2016

Exercise is crucial to our health—it keeps us closer to an ideal body weight, boosts brain function, and of course, helps to keep our cardiovascular... Read More

Increasing Exercise to Lose Weight May Not Work, Study Finds

January 29, 2016

If a little exercise is better than no exercise, then a lot of exercise is best, right? Especially if you’re increasing your exercise to lose... Read More

How to (Not) Let Your Exercise Routine Get You Sick this Season

January 26, 2016

Motivating to hit the gym and maintain a healthy exercise routine is tough any time of the year—especially when cold weather makes sinking into the... Read More