Our commitment to 100% USDA certified organic product is part of our pledge to serve the planet. Our promise starts with cows, grown on sustainable farms, grazing on fresh pastures in a humane environment without any antibiotics, hormones or chemicals.  But our promise doesn’t stop there.  Sustainable practices are part of everything we do. The organic milk is processed in a plant that uses 40% less energy than a typical whey plant. We do this by:
  • Recovering and reusing the heat from our boiler
  • Doing an extensive amount of heat exchange. The heat exchange helps us keep a constant cool temperature throughout our process, something that’s great for the quality of our protein.

The Organic Whey™’s processing takes place in a building built in accordance with the LEED standard and we are currently in the process of becoming certified. Special features that help us meet LEED standards include:

  • Native landscaping
  • Rain gardens for storm water management,
  • All concrete construction materials (floor, roof, block walls and drier tower) made from 27% recycled fly ash,
  • Low energy variable speed drives used in all of our motors (there are 150 of them in our plant so this is a meaningful difference)
  • Natural light in all production areas
  • Motion sensor lighting control throughout the plant
  • No off-gas ink, paint or finishes
Easy recipes provided are energy efficient and most of them do not require fancy equipment to process. Our whey is water/milk soluble, so you don’t need to use a blender or shaker–--no energy other than a few calories to mix it by spoon! LET’S MAKE THIS WORLD A BETTER PLACE FOR US AND FOR THE NEXT GENERATIONS!