Benefits of Whey

High Biological Value of mustHave Protein

All protein, even mustHave Protein, are not created equal. Quality of proteins is determined by the body’s ability–or lack of ability–to make use of them. There are eight essential amino acids needed to form a human protein molecule. Without each of them, a human protein molecule cannot be constructed. Even if only one of the amino acids is missing and all others are present in great quantity, protein construction is impossible in a human body. One amino acid cannot be substituted for another and the human body is incapable of manufacturing essential amino acids on its own. It is imperative that all of these eight protein molecules be brought in through food. mustHave Protein™ contains all of these eight essential amino acids:

Good Source of Minerals

mustHave Protein™ contains a number of minerals that are essential for health:

Potassium: mustHave Protein™ is naturally high in Potassium. Potassium is a mineral important for keeping the body well. Potassium helps keep the heart working well, and helps to control blood pressure. Medications and other treatments may decrease or increase your body’s level of potassium.

Calcium: mustHave Protein is a source of calcium. Calcium is utilized in building and maintaining bones and nerve impulse transmission.

Magnesium: mustHave Protein also contains magnesium, which has important functions in the nervous system.

Phosphorus: mustHave Protein™ is a source of this mineral, which helps with brain function and can be beneficial for memory loss.

Healing Properties of Whey 

mustHave Protein is beneficial not only for athletes, but for anyone who wants to improve overall health and well-being. These benefits include:

  • Encouraging assimilation of nutrients
  • Correcting the body’s internal cellular environment
  • Eliminating excess water from the tissue
  • Gentle but effective intestinal laxative
  • Regenerating the intestinal flora
  • Stimulating and de-toxifying the liver and kidneys
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