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We love to hear from our customers who use our organic products.
Here are some commonly asked questions about mustHave Protein. If you want to know something that is not covered below please send us your queries.

Q: Does mustHave Protein™ have an expiration date?
A: The shelf life of mustHave Protein is 18 months.
Q: How long does it take for the product to get shipped?
A: We ship orders within 2 business days. In most cases, we are able to ship within one business day.
Q: Does mustHave Protein™ contain any artificial ingredients?
A: No. It is all organic/natural with no artificial ingredients.
Q: Do you have different flavors?
A: No. Our whey is un-flavored and contain no additives, hence no flavors.
Q: Is your protein soy based?
A: No.
Q: Is your whey acid treated?
A: No. Our whey is sweet processed, which means enzymes are used for gelation. So there is no acid or any other harmful ingredient used in the process. We make sure that our processing is all natural and safe for the environment.
Q: Are your cows grown organically?
A: Yes. They are not just grown following the rules of organic farming but they are also treated well. Our milk comes from farms that are organic, humane and care about the welfare of animals and planet.
Q: Does your Whey come from Grass Fed Cows?
A: The dairies Rumiano Cheese Company sources milk from are all located in Del Norte and Humboldt counties in Northern California. Due to a unique coastal climate, there is an abundance of lush grasses that grow almost all year around. During the winter months when growth is slowed, the cows are fed silage, which has been harvested during the warmer time of year. On average the cows graze around 300 days a year. If the cows are unable to be in open pasture due to weather, they are fed the dry silage that is saved. However, due to the milking regiment that the cows are on, they cannot sustain on grass alone and require more nutrients which is obtained through two to six pounds of grain a day -- depending on the dairy. Our organic dairies only use verified Non-GMO corn and barley mixes as well as a mineral mix with some alfalfa.
Q: Is your whey gluten free?
A: Yes. It is gluten free.
Q: Does your whey contain Lactose?
A: mustHave Protein contains trace amounts of lactose. However, the amount found in it is so small that people usually tolerate it with lactose intolerance. mustHave Protein contains less lactose than a serving of yogurt.
Q: Does mustHave Protein™ contain casein in it?
A: No, mustHave Protein does not contain casein.
Q: Does the processing include PASTEURIZATION and what heat levels is the milk exposed to?
A: We use pasteurized organic milk. During pasteurization the milk goes through pipes that are heated on the outside by hot water, and is heated to 71.7°C (161°F) for 15-20 seconds.
Q: Does your whey contain any other ingredient?
A: Our whey protein does not contain any other ingredient. The 2 main objectives of our company are: 1) To provide the purest form of organic whey which has all of its bio-nutrients intact available to our customers, without adding a single other ingredient to it. 2) To only source whey and support small family owned farms in USA. Keeping the whey raw and pure while maintaining good taste and texture was a challenge. We did extensive testing on taste and found that there was a lot of variance based on the milk source and processing method used in cheese making. After months of experimentation, we decided to use sweet whey sourced from Farms in the California region since it tasted the best without adding anything else in it.
Q: Is mustHave Protein ™ a form of isolate or concentrate whey?
A: Our whey is 80% Whey Protein Concentrate. In order to add the additional 10% protein to meet the isolate standard, it is necessary to subject the protein to additional processing which takes out the beneficial companion products that are an important part of the health benefits of whey (lactoferrins and immunoglobulin). We decided to minimize the amount of processing that they whey goes through and only product 80% Whey Concentrate.
Q: It says at the bottom of your package that it is 80% whey protein concentrate. What makes up the other 20%?
A: The other 20% consists of minerals (calcium, potassium etc.), carbohydrates and some fat (less than 0.5 g per serving).
Q: Do you ship to international Addresses?
A: We do not ship internationally. We only ship within the US’s 50 states, directly to your door.
Q: What is the serving size? There is no scoop inside.
A: The standard serving size is four tablespoons (20 grams) for one serving. We have not added a scoop as we are consciously reducing our carbon footprint. We all have tablespoons in our kitchens; lets put them to good use.
Q: Is mustHave Protein manufactured or stored in a facility that processes nuts?
A: We don’t run any products that have a tree nut or peanut allergen.
Q: Does mustHave Protein have any Allergens?
A: mustHave Protein has milk allergens in it.
Q: mustHave Protein bioactive and non-denatured?
A: mustHave Protein is bioactive, non-denatured and made from pasteurized milk.
Q: Is mustHave Protein cold processed?
A: Yes, mustHave Protein is cold processed.
Q: How could we use mustHave Protein?
A: You can mix mustHave Protein powder in milk, water or juice. You will need to use a blender to mix mustHave Protein because it is not instantized like some of the commercial whey proteins. It will not mix by stirring. If you can’t use a blender, you can also use a shaker bottle but for best results, we recommend mixing it in a blender for 60 seconds.
Q: Does it contain any yeast from the enzyme processing?
A: mustHave Protein doesn't contain any yeast from the enzyme processing.
Q: Does the manufacturing process use animal rennet? If not what enzymes are used?
A: We only use whey resulting from cheese making using "microbial enzymes”. There are no animal by-products of any kind in our product. Using microbial enzymes allows us to serve the strict needs of vegetarians. A controlled fermentation process produces Microbial.
Q: Does the product contain soy lecithin? If not are there other instantizing agents and are these organic?
A: mustHave Protein doesn't contain soy or soy lecithin. It is not instantized like some of the commercial whey proteins. It will not mix by stirring.
Q: Does the plastic pouch the powder come in contain BPA or is the packing BPA free?
A: The packaging is BPA free.
Q: How many serving is in one 12 oz. pouch and how many servings in the 1.5 lb. pouch?
A: There are 17 servings in 340 gm. pouch and 34 servings in 1.5 lb. pouch.
Q: Does the whey need to be refrigerated?
A: You could refrigerate the whey, if you must; otherwise it is okay to keep in a cabinet.
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