The Only Un-Flavored Whey Protein With a 200% Taste Guarantee.

Federal Government Certified. Trusted by TV & Film Celebrities, Pro-figure Models, Zen Masters, US Marine Corps Personnel, Personal Trainers, College Students and Yoga Instructors. mustHave Protein™ is lab tested and certified by U.S. Department of Agriculture to be Hormone Free, Pesticide Free, Free of Harmful Chemicals, Free of Metallic Ingredients and from milk of grass fed cows that are not treated with antibiotics. The Organic Whey™ is sourced 100% from small, family-owned farms in Wisconsin.

12-ounce Pouch ($39.99) $5.30 Shipping
Delicious Gourmet Taste.
No Added Flavors or Sweeteners.

Why Should You Try mustHave Protein™?

Whey has been used for health related reasons for more than 24 centuries. However, much of the whey available in packaged form today is adulterated and chemically treated, and has lost its healing properties. mustHave Protein™ is the purest form of whey available to improve overall health and well-being:

Lean Muscles: Highest utilization coefficient with all the 8 essential amino acids present in near-perfect ratios to build lean muscles Heart Health & Blood Pressure: Low in Sodium and naturally high in Potassium to keep the heart working well and lower blood pressure. Blood Sugar: Clinically proven to regulate and lower blood sugar by stimulating the activity of insulin. Brain Function & Nervous System: Magnesium and Phosphohorus improve functions of the nervous system and brain and reduce memory loss. Lowers Water Retention: Eliminates excess water from tissues. Weight Management: Very low in carbohydrates and almost no fat. It can be part of any diet program. Digestive System: Regenerates the intestinal flora (helpful bacterias) to help regulate the digestive system. Liver & Kidneys: Detoxification of liver & kidneys

Guaranteed Results: 200% Money-Back.

mustHave Protein™ is the only Whey Protein with a 90-day 200% Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with mustHave Protein™, simply return the unused portion within 90 days and you will get 2X refund. No questions asked.

Why is mustHave Protein™ Expensive? As they say, you get what your pay for. There are several reasons why our price is higher than the other whey protein (including "natural" whey) supplements available in the market. 2 of the most important reasons are: 1) Cost of Organic Liquid Sweet Whey: Organic Whey is a by-product of organic cheese making. The cost of the organic milk used and the cost of processing under USDA organic standards is the primary reason for our higher cost. The products that you mentioned are not organic. There are only 2 commercially available USDA certified organic whey supplements available in the US. We are one of them. All the other whey products available, including almost all at Whole Foods Markets, are self-proclaimed natural products or made with "organic and natural ingredients". There is no regulation on having the natural label, so pretty much anyone can call theirs natural even if there is nothing natural about it! Please read the attached document and this article for more information on this. 2) Cost of Careful & Tender Processing: Our whey doesn't have any other ingredient in it but to achieve this while ensuring that it tastes good is an on-going challenge. We did extensive testing on taste and found that there was a lot of variance based on the milk source and processing method used in cheese making. We have to be very selective in the source of milk that is used in each batch and how each batch was processed to ensure that our customers can enjoy the taste naturally without any additives. Our processing also ensures that the whey is never exposed to high temperatures or acid-processed. Exposure to heat and acids kills the bio-nutrients/micro-organisms in whey that have many healing properties. Both of these factors result in higher cost of whey production.

Does mustHave Protein™ Really Work?

“The taste is great! Everything is as expected, great product and great service…

...I am a fan for life!”

- J.M. Davenport III, U.S. Marine Corps (active duty)


“My husband and I tried the organic whey protein and we LOVE your product!”


- Kielsen Baker, Actress



“At last! A good organic whey protein from a conscientious company.”

“The Bottom Line: If you are looking for a good organic whey protein powder, this is it.”

- Whey Protein Reviews (


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Comparison of mustHave Protein™ with other products:

With a few additional cents per serving:

You get to have the absolute best whey for your health.

You get more protein delivery per serving.

You have the comfort of knowing where your whey is coming from.

You support sustainable family owned farms.



We invite you to experience whey's natural benefits with mustHave Protein™. We are confident that you will be delighted with your choice. However, if you are not fully satisfied with our product, you can return the unused portion for a full refund within 90 days. In addition to fully crediting your account, we will also send you a competing whey product of your choice.


mustHave Protein™ 12-Ounce Pouch ($39.99)




High Biological Value of mustHave Protein™

All protein, even organic whey protein, are not created equal. Quality of proteins is determined by the body’s ability–or lack of ability–to make use of them. There are eight essential amino acids needed to form a human protein molecule. Without each of them, a human protein molecule cannot be constructed. Even if only one of the amino acids is missing and all others are present in great quantity, protein construction is impossible in a human body. One amino acid cannot be substituted for another and the human body is incapable of manufacturing essential amino acids on its own. It is imperative that all of these eight protein molecules be brought in through food. mustHave Protein™ contains all of these eight essential amino acids:


mustHave Protein™ is also a Good Source of Minerals

mustHave Protein™ contains a number of minerals that are essential for health:

Potassium: mustHave Protein™ is naturally high in Potassium. Potassium is a mineral important for keeping the body well. Potassium helps keep the heart working well, and helps to control blood pressure. Medications and other treatments may decrease or increase your body’s level of potassium.

Calcium: mustHave Protein™ is a source of calcium. Calcium is utilized in building and maintaining bones and nerve impulse transmission.

Magnesium: mustHave Protein™ also contains magnesium, which has important functions in the nervous system.

Phosphorus: mustHave Protein™ is a source of this mineral, which helps with brain function and can be beneficial for memory loss.



Healing Properties of mustHave Protein™

mustHave Protein™ is beneficial not only for athletes, but for anyone who wants to improve overall health and well-being. These benefits include:

  • Encouraging assimilation of nutrients
  • Correcting the body’s internal cellular environment
  • Gentle but effective intestinal laxative
  • Regenerating the intestinal flora
  • Stimulating and de-toxifying the liver and kidneys


    mustHave Protein™ 12-Ounce Pouch ($39.99)





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