What goes into making mustHave greens™?

mustHave Greens start with the highest quality ingredients, which we source from our vetted farmers and suppliers. We don’t grow our own grasses but we feel that is an advantage because we don’t have to force ourselves to utilize every part of the harvest. We simply pick the highest-grade ingredients from farmers.

Why is mustHave Greens more expensive than other greens in the market?

  • We only work with suppliers who pay fair wages to their employees and contractors. We don’t try to squeeze every last penny from our suppliers. We also pay decent salaries to our employees. We don’t want to live in a world where everyone lives on minimum wage. That is not sustainable.
  • We buy ingredients in small batches and make the final product in small batches that we can sell within 2 months. This increases the cost but it is worth it
  • We use grass juice powders, which cost significantly more than freeze-dried grass powder.
  • Only a small percentage of ingredients that are available in the market qualifies to be in our products.
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