What is Organic Whey?

Whey comes from milk, and is a natural byproduct of cheese-making. Our organic whey is sourced from Rumiano Cheese Company where cows live on grassy pastures with fresh air and humane living conditions. [These cows are raised by farmers who love the animals and run their farm as a sustainable eco system]. The pastures are managed carefully to avoid degradation of soil and water quality. By choosing mustHave Protein, you are supporting a system that promotes humane living conditions for animals, supports a natural ecosystem, conserves natural resources and leaves a lower carbon foot print on the planet. Cows in non-organic dairies are often injected with growth hormones, antibiotics and chemicals to increase the production of milk. They are treated as milk making machines. Studies have shown that synthetic growth hormones (rBGH and rBST) used to increase milk production in nonorganic dairy cows may be carcinogenic and can also be linked to early onset of puberty in preteen girls. An increase in incidence of twin births in the USA has also been linked to growth hormones in milk. These growth hormones can be present in your whey if the milk is derived from a non- organic source. Residues from many pesticides and herbicides may also be present in milk. Choosing organic whey is the best way to avoid ingesting undesirable growth hormones through milk. When you choose mustHave Protein, you are basically doing an act of service to this world You are helping to make this world a better place where there is less pollution, animals are treated with care, air is cleaner and everyone is getting healthy food. You don’t have to go far to make this world a better place… you can contribute one step at a time. Let’s start with mustHave Protein!
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