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"The folks on the Organic Whey team impress me as people who really care about how the cows are treated, and that means the world to me."

- Connie B.

Rochester NY

"We were led to your whey by our friend who is an extremely passionate and knowledgable nutritionist. She told us this was the only whey product she sanctioned, after much research, besides her own fresh goat whey from her own goats. She recommended it to use in shakes for a very pure and easily digestible form of protein, and my husband and I are LOVING it. We drink it every morning and feel completely satisfied by it, and thrilled with how clean and delicious it tastes with yogurt and fruit and a little almond milk for liquidity. Thank you for providing it--your labor of love is indeed appreciated!"

- CIndy Kleine/Andre Gregory

Rochester NY

"Unsweetened Organic Whey powder is an essential ingredient in my low-carb shakes and energy bars. The texture is great and mixes well. There's not a better protein powder on the market, however I'm looking forward to seeing a "grass-fed" or "pastured cows" label."

- Sean Hedderich

Fitness Trainer, NYC

"As a breast cancer survivor, I've changed my entire thinking on nutrition and whole foods. To remain cancer free I need to fuel my body with healthy foods that fight disease and are not plagued with dangerous pesticide residue. I now eat organic and minimize my meat, dairy, and sugar intake. This means I need to get creative to keep healthy amounts of protein in my diet. I searched and searched for over a year for an organic protein powder to add to my morning shake and was disappointed until finally I found The Organic Whey was about to hit the market. It tastes great and boosts my protein intake while I feel assured that it's made from only organic whole ingredients. Thank you for bringing The Organic Whey to my kitchen!"

- Julie Olsen

Valencia, CA

"We deeply appreciate the nutritional quality of The Organic Whey certified organic whey protein, and use it as an important part of a program to fight cancer, to maintain strength, to obtain the grams of protein needed each day. We send our thanks and gratitude to the cows, the organic farmers, and, to all who work for The Organic Whey."

- Joseph

"[The Organic Whey] is gluten-free and raw. Some of the great recipes are smoothies and even a cake! You can add in whey in addition to all the regular ingredients that a baked good calls for. ....I love how the company is organic and supports sustainable farms."

- Junghwa Chung

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"Your whey is beyond organic. It's pristine. These fluffy crystals are the standard by which all others should be compared. It completely dissolves into my green smoothies and tastes sweet and wholesome. I bought a 12 ounce bag as a "test". Received today and I'm so impressed I'm back for TWO 1.5 pounders."

- Jacklyn

"Very easy to mix, high quality and tastes great with fruit blends. Great product!"

- Jeff Hill


North Carolina

"I have tried The Organic Whey in many different smoothies, protein bars, and other raw treats. I've fallen in love with your product!"

- Elise J Schwartz

Nutrition & Body Detox Coach

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"From beginning to end I was very happy with the service I received from Organic Whey. And the Organic Whey itself is top quality and tastes GREAT! Thank You Organic Whey!"

- Barbara

Miami, Florida

"At last! A good organic whey protein from a conscientious company."

"The Bottom Line: If you are looking for a good organic whey protein powder, this is it."

- Whey Protein Reviews


"I tried the whey powder today. I used it in a coconut pancake recipe and loved it! I love everything about it!!! ... Love the whey, actually using it again for breafast tomorrow morning, this time in my oats!!! Thank you again do much for everything!!!!"

- Katie Carso

Healthy Food Enthusiast, Blogger, Mom


"Organic whey tastes great, and mixes easily even in a hand shaker. It's also nice to know that your post-workout shake isn't filled with antibiotics and hormones, like most other products derived from milk. I'm a physician, and a self-taught nutritional expert, and I would recommend it to anyone!"

- David

"The order came today and the taste is great!  Everything is as expected, great product and great service...  I am a fan for life!"

- J.M. Davenport III

U.S. Marine Corps

"I am down 75lbs and I lost the weight over two years worth of eating healthy and working out. I want to stay in tip top shape and need the protein intake for my growing new sixpack. So I choose organic whey over all of the other protein shakes in the market. And I can be sure to know that I am not putting any chemicals in my body."

- Matthew

"I do my best to buy products that are produced organically and without harm to animals or nature. I believe this is not only healthiest for me, but it is best for all living things. I am delighted that your product meets all my standards, and particularly that the dairy cows are fed natural green grasses and are treated with the highest humane standards. This is worth alot to me."

- Heather

"Adding it to a bowl of oatmeal along with walnuts, apples, and agave nectar is amazing! Thank you so much for producing such a wonderful product we can trust."

- Bradley

"My husband and I tried the organic whey protein and we LOVE your product!"

- Kielsen Baker


"I have been searching for an organic whey supplement and finally found one and a good one at that. I am an endurance athlete and food is my fuel so I demand the highest quality available. When I found Organic Whey I was super thrilled to try it out. The product tastes pure and is not sweet at all. I like to mix one scoop of the whey with about 8 ounces of rice milk and a table spoon of agave nectar. My only desire would be if it mixed better, it is clumpy but nothing a whisk doesn't work out."

- Debra Bailey

"I really like it. It is very smooth and tastes great"

- Kathryn Jans

"I have tried many whey protein powders and The Organic Whey is by far the best tasting. And the fact that it is organic means it is not just tasty and filled with great protein, it is also the best type of dairy for your body. We use The Organic Whey in our daily smoothies and we all love it...it is a real hit with our kids. No other protein powder compares for taste and health benefit! "

- Laura H.

“It turned out really good.  The powder isn’t chalky or gritty at all.  I guess that’s what all natural is suppose to be :)…I really love this powder!”

- April Jones Pro Figure Model

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“If you are going to use whey…why not use whey from The Organic Whey™ because they simply do it the right way”

- Ronald Gregory

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"It was so good... hit the spot...because it’s not flavored or sweetened, which is going to be awesome to add into bars and muffins and such!"

- Jessica K.

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"After my baby got extremely sick from drinking commercial formula I started researching what was in our commercial baby foods and was sickened at the horribly toxic ingredients that they contain. From that point forward I started making my own handmade formula daily. It was quiet the under taking but knowing every ingredient that was in it was pure and organic made it well worth it. At first, I was hand making my whey from organic yogurt which was no small job but I wanted to make sure I knew all ingredients were organic. I found The Organic Whey and loved that it was raw and organic it was perfect for my baby formula. I have been using it in my formula ever since. I also make the same formula and call it a "shake/smoothie" and just add fruit or raw coco for my 6 year old son. I now have started my own company Designed By Nature using The Organic Whey in my Perfectly Pure Baby Formulas. My daughter has completely healed all of her Eczema, skin rash, and has not been sick once since making her formula. I know it's because of the wonderful ingredients like The Organic Whey!"

- Dara Ree

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"I just want to say that I love your product. After reading the 2010 consumer report on protein powder I quickly jumped on the internet and began searching for a clean pure protein powder. That being said, thank you for producing a protein that I can consume worry free but also for caring about the environment."

- Michael Berg

College Student

"My wife and I had been looking for a TRULY organic 'Whey' product to use in morning smoothies, along with our greens powder/vitamins/minerals, coconut water, assortment of fruits, and of course that Avocado :-). The 'Organic Whey Team' was very responsive in providing sourcing information of their Whey and product support, which has been providing us comfort in the use of their product. We are enjoying the Organic Whey!"

- John K.

New Market, MD

"After reading the book "Master Your Metabolism" by Jillian Michaels, I became very aware of what I was putting into my body, and even more so after becoming pregnant. I exercise frequently involving cardio and weight training and I was previously supplementing my diet with Cytosport's Muscle Milk Light. I recently realized how many ingredients this product contained and also heard about its heavy metal content. After switching to The Organic Whey protein powder, I will never go back! It is good quality protein that is tasteless and can be dissolved in any drink of my choice! Therefore it is easy to supplement and I dont have to worry about any harmful chemicals or metals in my diet. Thank you for providing a good quality product. I am a customer for life and I would definitely recommend your products to my friends and family."

- Tara Coleman

Denver, CO

"I want to say how much I appreciate your product. I am very allergic to Ragweed and your product is the only 'pure' protein powder not sweetened with Stevia (a plant from the Ragweed family). Thank you! "

- Rice

"I haven't tried your product yet, but ordering and delivery were very easy and quite speedy using Google. I look forward to making some Organic Whey smoothies soon!"

- Kelly

"I love this product!! Because I have food allergies I needed a whey product with only one ingredient...organic whey. I was so excited when I found this company!! Thank you Organic Whey for making a quality product that tastes delicious!! :)"

- Cherry

"I recently recieved my order and used it the first day. I had been looking for a while for an organic alternative for my protein supplements. I use it each morning in my smoothies. I am delighted with the flavor, it tastes great mixed with my fruit, almond milk, and ground flax seed."

- Cindy M

"Thank you for providing a "Thoughtfully Raw" organic whey protein powder (loved that - very creative). I started a nutritional program a little over a month ago, and the nutritionist listed protein shakes as a breakfast item. So I purchased whey protein at GNC only to find out it contains soy and sucralose. I don't like any artificial sweeteners, so I started checking other stores in my area; all of the products had sweetener added. I finally thought to Google it, found your website, and at long last ended my search for whey protein. I love this product, and it is exactly what I was searching for--just pure unadulterated powder without the additives. I mix it with fruit, water, and a little honey. It is so great not to have all that sugar taste that the other products out there have. I have only one suggestion - it would be nice to have a little scoop included in the package to indicate the serving size."

- Linda

"Ordering from Organic Whey was my first experience with your website. Thank you for your prompt attention to my small, but to me, very important order. I received my order quickly and it was all in 'good order'. Thank you! When I need to order organic whey again after I deplete this initial supply, I will indeed use your company and website!"

- Debra Birkhead

"I love the Organic Whey because it's the only protein powder that I have seen on the market that is both organic and that has absolutely nothing added. This was really important to me because I try to avoid added sugars and sweeteners. I love to put organic whey powder in smoothies for an added protein boost and my fiancee loves it in his oatmeal."

- Elizabeth Speck

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