Why Another Protein Company?

This is a valid question to ask. Before we decided to start this company, we were also surprised with tens of almost identical whey protein supplements, albeit with different colored packaging and “secret” formula claims, available in any sports nutrition store. Every few months, you would see yet another new or existing company come up with a new product which is the most “premium” protein formula. Every company has some celebrity brand ambassadors (models, Olympic medalists, IFBB professionals) testifying the results that the product would provide everyone with figure models. After working closely with one of the major protein supplements company, we realized that the marketing and advertising dollars spent by these companies have created this false perception that building muscles and a well-toned body is not possible without taking high doses of “designer” protein formulas (with an average of 20+ chemically treated ingredients in it) along with additional supplements, such as creatine. The truth is that a healthy, lean and well toned body doesn’t require supplements as long as the protein intake from normal diet is sufficient. However, from personal experience, we know that it is sometimes difficult to  get all the protein needed from regular diet. Dismayed with the lies of the sports nutrition industry, we wanted to find a whey protein supplement in the market which was organic and without any additives. After searching for products online and at various local natural foods stores , we couldn’t find a single product which was certified organic. At that point, we decided to source the product for ourselves and share with others who are concerned about what kind of whey they want to intake.
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