Why our Greens?

We all know the various benefits of adding leafy green vegetabless to our diet but given our busy lives it is usually not possible to get enough raw greens in our salads on a daily basis.

Most of us also know the benefits of drinking grass juices like wheat and barley grass and even the ones amongst us who have invested in a slow cold pressed juicer; we rarely find the time to use it on a regular basis.

And, most Americans are not utilizing the power of spirulina and other water algae in our diets for optimal health, despite the rich history these superfoods enjoy.

Most green powders on the market attempt to provide some combination of grass powder and other plant-based ingredients. We saw two major issues with everything available on the market:

  • Most brands freeze-dry the grass and then powder it. Although it is beneficial, it doesn’t have the same benefits of pure grass juice, and it also add an earthy, undesirable taste to the greens product. We instead juice our grasses first and then convert the juices into powder. This gives our greens a dark green color and you will never have the taste of soil in your mouth. Most importantly, you will get the benefits of using a pure, fresh-pressed juice.
  • There are many greens on the market that claim to be gluten-free. Our research into the matter found that there is a possibility of contamination of gluten in wheat grass. So, our product does not contain any wheat grass or barley grass. You can rest assured that it is indeed gluten-free.
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