Holiday Special!:1.5 Pounds of The Organic Whey Now Only $55!

Long after sweaters are stored away, books read and games played, the thrill of the holiday gifts can fade into an unmemorable blur (which may be due in part to mental fog from one too many Christmas cookies). But giving the gift of health keeps on giving—and can transform lives long after the chestnuts have roasted, the trees de-trimmed and partridges have flown the pear tree.

Instead of giving clutterfying gifts this year, why not inspire your friends or loved ones to start the new year off with a healthy diet by gifting our Organic Whey 1.5 pound box? Each box contains 2 12-ounce pouches of pure organic whey protein. The box is already discounted 20 percent, but when you buy during the holiday promotions, you get an extra 10 percent discount for a total deal of 30 percent off the retail price! The 1.5 pound boxes of Organic Whey protein are just $55 until December 25th!

Why exactly is organic whey a great gift? Here are some of our favorite reasons:

  1. Our whey comes from one source—organic cows. They're not raised on large concentrated animal feed operations (CAFOs), but family-owned farms where cows graze openly on pastures and eat organic feed—never genetically modified corn or soy.
  2. Our organic whey is USDA certified organic.
  3. It tastes amazing!
  4. There’s just one ingredient: whey. Our product does not include additional unnecessary ingredients like preservatives, additives, sugars or artificial sweeteners.
  5. The Organic Whey is also the highest protein concentration in the natural or organic whey category—containing all essential amino acids.
  6. It is higher in antioxidants than conventional brands too and contains the master antioxidant glutathione.
  7. The purest dairy and clean processing method means you get a superior tasting whey product that is smooth and creamy every time—perfect for a pre or post workout smoothie or shake—making it the ideal gift for a health-enthusiast loved one or even for yourself!

As you may have guessed from the list above, our whey is not that giant, neon tub of protein powder with pictures of bodybuilders on it sold at vitamin shops in the mall. Yes, whey is a fantastic source of bio-available protein—which bodybuilders love—but everyone can benefit from it, not just athletes.

The market for organic whey is extremely limited in the U.S. Most whey proteins are processed with harsh chemical solvents and can include traces of heavy metals as a result. Conventionally raised cows produce dairy products that contain traces of antibiotics, growth hormones, genetically modified foods and other unnatural ingredients.

As the holidays can demand so much of our time, our workouts can diminish and our waistlines expand accordingly. And those healthy New Year's resolutions? Why wait to start those resolutions, why not start now? Kick your health into high gear now to avoid the Santa belly, and share the benefits of organic nutrition under the tree this year and give the gift of The Organic Whey. Remember, this deal only lasts through Christmas! Happy Holidays!


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