5 Tips to Making the Best out of Fat Burning Exercises

Fat. We sure love how it tastes, especially when it's chocolate-y and frozen! But oh how we loathe the way it collects around our waist, our upper thighs, and our behinds. And unless you're one of those people with an exceptional metabolism, you are going to have to break a sweat to battle the bulge. But fear not, there is a way to have your triple chocolate ice cream cake and eat it too - - fat-burning exercise!

So whether you need to burn some fat, or are looking to add variety to your exercise routine, these tips can help!

1. Cardio: When you get a good cardio workout, you boost your metabolic rate that helps burn fat. And you don't have to turn into Lance Armstrong, or run a marathon to see results. A 30-45 minute workout, 4-5 times per week can drastically reduce your body fat, and even help keep it off. As we age, those extra pounds creep up and can become more difficult to manage, but that just means you have to push the workouts a bit harder or longer.

2. Walking: Experts suggest that for ideal health we should walk 10,000 steps every day. That's roughly 5 miles! That may be an unrealistic goal for every day, but any increase in how much you walk will help you burn fat and build muscle. There are practical and easy ways to incorporate walking into your life. You can walk to do your errands instead of driving (bonus is that you’ll save money on gas and reduce greenhouse emissions!), or even walk to the gym for a pre-workout warm-up. You can also take the stairs at work, and park at the farthest spot in the lot.

3. Strength training: Muscle and fat don't really like each other. Essentially they want to occupy the same space, so the more you build muscle, the less likely you are to let fat take over the same area. Machines and free weights are an excellent way to build muscle, but both have benefits and disadvantages. If you belong to a gym, ask for a free consultation with a personal trainer who can help you decide what type of strength training is best for your specific body needs.

4. Variety: Fat will find places on your body you never knew existed. And pretty fast, too. Mixing up your workout routine to include a variety of cardio and strength training activities will help you hit all those hidden areas where fat can linger. Changing up your workout will also make it easier to maintain.

5. Fat-burning Foods: Studies have shown certain foods can speed metabolism in overweight individuals including capsinoids -- compounds derived from chili peppers. Other studies have explored the role of dairy foods in weight management and fat loss in obese people. The best advice is to incorporate so-called fat-burning foods into a healthy diet of whole grains, lean protein, lots of fruits and vegetables, and eight glasses of water daily.


Note: If you're battling severe obesity, or are significantly overweight you should consult with your primary care physician before beginning any exercise program.

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