Organic Haiku Winners

This month we held our second Organic Give-A-Whey contest. Our fabulous fans wrote a haiku on what organic means to them. We loved the creativity of the haikus so much, we had to share the entries with you. Our grand prize winners Michael Odonnell and Julie Fields Macier, won a pouch of The Organic Whey, congratulations!

Stay tuned for our next Give-A-Whey, you never know when it will be!

Organic Give-A-Whey Haikus:

Julie Fields Macier

Stupid pesticides
Bad for me and the planet
Go Organic Go

Michael Odonnell

Kentucky tastes nice
But just whey ta minute and choose
Your tongue or your life

Michael Hairston

The Organic Whey is:
The best when it's put to the test,
It tastes like sweet bliss
And "Whey" better than all the rest.

Laura Genton

No more chemicals
Or gene modification
For our health, our earth

Alexandria Fisher

Support local farms
Care for the environment
Love Community

Sean Hedderich

Buy conventional
From Fields of barren soil
Or choose organic


Dark moist and heady
Sweet soils fill my plate with love
Clean, healing light food

April Polichette

Organic is pure
Nothing unreal or phony
Replenishes health

Image: "The Great Wave off Kanagawa" by Hokusai (1823-9)


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