11 Reasons to Drink Wheatgrass


Drinking wheatgrass juice is known for its health-giving properties. You see trays of the stuff hanging around at most juice bars, health food stores and often perched atop healthy-eaters' countertops. But what exactly makes it such a staple among the healthy? After all, it's just grass, right?

If you think about grass—and just how many of the world's animals eat it for health and strength—wheatgrass becomes a little less strange. If anything, it connects us to our animalistic nature a bit more. And while there are many things that separate us from our fellow mammals, reaping the benefits of grasses is not one of them.

So what exactly are the benefits in consuming wheatgrass?

  1. According to the Hippocrates Institute, it's a potent blood cleanser while lowering blood pressure. This can be a helpful tool for people suffering from high blood pressure and heart disease.
  2. It's a metabolic booster, enriching the body's enzyme systems. An active metabolism can mean healthier body weight.
  3. It restores alkalinity—a key to reduce the risks and effects of chronic illnesses of the digestive tract.
  4. Wheatgrass detoxifies blood and liver for protection against carcinogens and other illnesses. It can neutralize out the effects of exposure to environmental pollutants.
  5. The Hippocrates Institute also cites research that shows wheatgrass as effective in fighting tumors if cancer has been detected. (Note: wheatgrass should not be used as a substitute for cancer treatment without first consulting with your physician.)
  6. Thyroid function can be balanced out with regular wheatgrass juice, which can help fix weight issues and other metabolic disorders.
  7. An enzyme-rich food, wheatgrass can boost enzymatic activity in the body, improving healing, energy, brain function and efficiency.
  8. Not even drinking it—but placing a tray of wheatgrass near your bed is said to improve sleep. Credit the oxygen-giving nature of the grass for helping you get sound and deep sleep.
  9. Wheatgrass is also a terrific topical treatment for skin infections, burns, cuts, rashes and more. It disinfects, stops itching and can sooth irritations.
  10. Smile big after your wheatgrass shot as it eliminates bad breath and chronic halitosis. You don't need to gargle with the stuff (though that doesn't hurt), simply drinking a wheatgrass shot can improve your breath.
  11. And if none of the previous ten are reason enough, how about the fact that wheatgrass can help reverse grey hair? It has been reported that regular wheatgrass consumption will return hair to its natural color. Drink up!

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