7 Workout Hacks to Help You Keep Your Fitness Goals


Living in the modern world has its perks—from donuts to iPhones—we all find ourselves easily tempted and distracted from the goals that will make us happier in the long run than a sugar rush or scrolling through Instagram ever will. Still, our fitness goals suffer and too often wind up totally neglected. Never fear. These workout hacks can help.

1. Schedule it. You schedule time to watch television, have dinner, run errands, etc. So, schedule your workouts if you want to keep your fitness goals. This eliminates the excuses and makes it easier to fall into a healthy routine.

2. Workout with friends. Just like abandoning your fitness goals is a lot easier when your excuse is that you were caught up having a good time with your friends, you can easily stick to your goals by working out with them too. Help each other keep these important dates with your health!

3. Get inspired. Use that distracting iPhone to help you get motivated for your workout. Follow fitness accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Create a Pinterest board with fitness gear, routines and results you’re seeking. Hang pictures at your desk, in your kitchen—anywhere that will get you thinking about exercise and remind you not to skip your workout.

4. Keep it fresh. One of the biggest hindrances in a workout is knowing what’s coming next. That can often lead to dread, even anxiety over a routine or particular set of exercises. So to avoid that anxiety and to keep yourself inspired and engaged, make sure to mix up your workouts. Take a spin class on Monday, a barre class on Tuesday, go for a run on Wednesday, etc—whatever you need to keep your excitement and engagement levels up!

5. Small workouts. Doing 20 minutes of exercise is better than zero minutes. No question about it! So if your schedule is prohibitive one week or it’s too darn cold to leave the house for the gym, do what you can at home (or when traveling) to get your blood pumping and heart racing.

6. Take selfies. This can be the hardest part for some people, but it’s sure as heck a motivation. Take before photos and then take those sweaty post-workout pics to keep your spirits up and your intentions charged towards meeting your goals.

7. Stop counting calories. Eating the right foods is so much more important than eating less food. If your fitness goals include weight loss, calorie restriction can help, but you can also achieve results by replacing bad carbs like refined flours and sugars with healthier foods. Eliminating the anxiety over calories is a weight off your mind and your health goals.

Image via Lynda Sanchez

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