How to Burn More Fat with HIIT Workouts

What was once perhaps a secret if not a totally undiscovered fitness gem, is now becoming the cutting edge fitness tool for how to burn more fat: HIIT workouts or high-intensity interval training.

You may have heard about the HIIT techniques but have yet to put them to the test. After all, HIIT sounds rather technical and, admittedly, for some of us more inclined to the lazy person’s workout (channel surfing uses muscles!), anything “high intensity” is aspirational at best. But, even for the laziest among us, here’s why considering a HIIT approach to fitness might make a whole lot of sense. 

HIIT’s short but intense workout bursts really help you to shed those calories. According to Shape Magazine, Tabata, a HIIT exercise program, burns 13.5 calories every minute! In a typical Tabata session, you would work at maximum intensity for 20 seconds (that’s it, right?) then 10 seconds for recovery. You do this eight times (four minutes) throughout the class.

The goal is to push everything you’ve got as hard as you can for the full 20 seconds, which, while it doesn’t sound that difficult, really can be. But then, just like that, the session is over, and the short rest period does indeed give you the strength to go at it again.

Of course, Tabata is just one method that incorporates HIIT into its workout. Clubs and gyms, as well as online videos, are making it easier than ever before to harness the fat-burning power of HIIT workouts. And once you get a taste of the benefits of HIIT workout routines, you might find yourself slightly addicted and unimpressed by paced workouts. Not that you should only do HIIT workouts to meet your fitness goals, but they can be really effective in taking your fitness goals to the next level. And who doesn’t want that?

Image: @N3T10

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