Can We 'Save the Bros' with Organic Milk? Organic Valley Thinks So

We’re big fans of organic foods including organic dairy for a number of reasons from the better taste to the decreased impact on the environment, the animals and the farmers. But saving “bros?” 

Organic Valley, the leading brand of organic dairy products and largest organic farming co-op in the country, has released an incredibly funny but insightful video called “Save the Bros,” taking aim at muscleheads and their addiction to pasty, poor-tasting protein powders.

The spin is that these men are, perhaps naively, perhaps not, digging themselves into a ditch with those gnarly protein shakes, powders and drinks filled with synthetic ingredients, most notably, non-organic dairy products. There’s a belief that in order to bulk up and gain muscle, you’ve got to guzzle down these protein products that don’t taste good and that aren’t doing the planet any favors, either. 

But Organic Valley says that’s not the case. Enter Organic Fuel, the brand’s protein product that launched last summer, getting an overhaul in the new spot. The clever pitch suggests that not only will Organic Fuel help “bros” drop their powder addictions, but that it may also help them to take other healthy measures to improve their lives like meditating, yoga, buying organic fruits and vegetables, and relaxing hobbies like making pottery.

The humorous touch is nice, even if making fun of weightlifters is a little on the cruel side. But there is some important truth in the spot: organic is better. Enough studies now exist to corroborate that and we of course couldn’t agree more. So whether you use a whey or greens protein powder like we sell at The Organic Whey, or you opt for a pre-made like Organic Valley’s Organic Fuel, or a combination of both, adding organic to your diet is the ultimate healthy choice, whether you’re a bro or not.

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