The Zero-Waste Coffee Lover’s Dream Come True? Meet the Plantable Coffee Cup

If you dream of a zero-waste world (as you probably should), convenience seems to go out the window. We can’t buy impulsively, particularly when it comes to food. Just think about McDonald’s “Billions and Billions Served” tagline. That’s Billions and Billions of wrappers, bags, boxes, cups, straws, all piled into landfills somewhere.

But solving our waste issues does not mean we have to revert to strolling naked through forests living on nuts and berries. After all, you can’t expect humans to stop drinking coffee, right? But they can drink it in a zero-waste style, thanks to a new company called Reduce. Reuse. Grow. The team has created a to-go coffee cup that, once you’ve finished drinking out of, you can plant it. In the ground. It’s loaded with wildflower and tree seeds.

Of course, you can always bring your own mug to your favorite coffee spot. But sometimes that’s not doable, or you simply forget. And let’s be real, even with a plantable cup, not every person who gets one with their cuppa is going to take it home and plant it. But isn’t a better option than the foam or paper cups heading to landfills?

And according to Modern Farmer, the plantable coffee cups aren’t going to be cost prohibitive: “the company claims costs as much as any other biodegradable coffee cup (about $0.02 per cup) and hardly more than a typical Solo-brand non-recyclable cup ($0.01).”

Don’t go running to Starbucks demanding your plantable cup just yet, the company is still in the fundraising phase and only has immediate plans to produce the cups for California. But still, it’s ideas like these that make big changes the new norm. And we all know great ideas often come over a cup of coffee.

Image via Reduce. Reuse. Grow. 


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