Whey Protein Aids in Weight Loss, Builds Muscle [Study]

Want to lose weight, build lean tissue and feel full while enjoying something delicious? Whey protein may be just the ticket, according to a recent study.

The study, published in a recent issue of the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, looked at 14 studies on whey protein and its impact on overall health of both men and women. What the researchers noted was that consuming whey protein was specifically beneficial in combination with resistance strength training programs intended to help lose weight and build lean muscle mass.

But even on its own—without the exercise--whey protein was shown to provide benefits to overall body composition. For weight loss, those subjects who replaced calories in their diet with whey protein, showed an average loss of more than 9 pounds over the course of the study.

“There is a growing body of research that supports the benefits of whey protein for weight maintenance and lean body mass," Dominik D. Alexander, PhD, MSPH , principal investigator of the research said in Science 2.0. "By conducting this meta-analysis we were able to better evaluate the collective power of each individual study. The results indicate that there is something unique about whey protein, compared to other protein sources and carbohydrates, when it comes to building lean body mass and maintaining or losing weight."
Of course, we’re no strangers to whey protein and its many benefits. Whey is a high-quality complete protein that contains all essential amino acids that the body can digest and absorb quickly.
The quality of whey matters!
Most whey protein products on the market are blended from numerous sources and come from cows fed genetically modified organisms, antibiotics and many other synthetic ingredients designed to boost weight. These contaminants get into the milk and ultimately into your whey protein.

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