Get Energized Naturally with Spirulina's Benefits

Spring is here and that means stepping out from the dark, dusty den you holed up in over the winter and getting some fresh air. It also hopefully means being more active than you’ve been in a long while. But don’t reach for the coffee to boost your energy. Grab the green foods, especially those loaded with spirulina benefits.

Spirulina may sound like the name of a Disney princess, but it’s actually an algae. While that probably doesn't sound as glamorous as wearing ball gowns and crowns, it’s actually quite an exceptional food, worthy of royal treatment.

Per a three-gram serving, spirulina can contain 3900 percent more beta carotene than the same amount of carrots, 2300 percent more iron than spinach, 300 percent more calcium than whole milk and 375 percent more protein than tofu. All in a little green algae! No wonder it's one of the featured ingredients in our mustHave greens!

A serving of spirulina has more than 30 times the antioxidant potency of blueberries and more than 60 times the potency of spinach.

Granted, it’s not going to taste as yummy as a handful of fresh blueberries, but spirulina can actually taste pretty great. You can mix a serving of spirulina into a glass of juice, nondairy milk or even water, or blend it into your favorite smoothie recipe for a grassy, fresh taste. It’s also great in other recipes like raw brownies or energy bars.

Spirulina’s benefits and nutrient density makes it a perfect energy food without the crash of sugary or caffeinated food products. 

According to Dr. Oz, spirulina boosts energy “by unlocking sugar from your cells so it does not get stored as fat.” So, not only does that make spirulina a healthy energizing food, it appears it’s also an excellent weight loss food as well! Dr. Oz recommends mixing one teaspoon of spirulina with 12 ounces fresh lime juice and freezing in ice cube trays. Then you can add the frozen energy cubes to juices, water or blend into smoothies.

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