The 7 Best Protein Sources Made From Whole Foods

Some proteins really are better than others. When looking for the best protein sources, these foods are your best bet:

1. Eggs: The egg is experiencing a renaissance these days, especially with so many small-scale farms in operation delivering healthy, clean egg products. One medium-sized egg can contain six grams of protein and all 20 amino acids in a truly digestible form. The egg is quick and versatile too, giving you so many ways to enjoy this food.

2. Nuts: Also back on the “it’s actually good for you” menu are nuts of all kinds. They’re full of healthy saturated fats and they also pack in the protein, with a one-cup serving of most nuts providing about five grams of protein. They too are versatile and so delicious!

3. Clean Protein Powders: While many protein powders on the market are loaded with hard-to-pronounce ingredients that hardly do anything good for your body, clean proteins like our mustHave protein made from small-batch organic whey are incredibly body friendly. Whey is easily digestible and filled with pure dairy protein from organically raised cows. When looking for protein powders, look for organic single or low-ingredient proteins such as pure hemp seed protein or pea protein to ensure a high quality digestible product.

4. Whole grains: You really can’t go wrong with whole grains like barley, kamut, quinoa or brown rice. Even whole wheat offers a hefty serving of protein. Another bonus: whole grains are also loaded with amino acids and fiber, making them an excellent diet addition.

5. Lean Meats and Fish: When shopping for animal products, you always want to look for pasture-raised and grass-fed organic meat and chicken to ensure a high quality product. For fish, look for wild-caught animals that weren’t raised on fish farm pellet diets.

6. Beans: Like whole grains and nuts, the mighty bean does double duty as a high-quality protein source and an important fiber-rich food. Beans can be prepared so many ways in so many different cuisine styles. You’ll never get bored! Skip the canned beans though and opt for whole dried beans. Soak them in water overnight before cooking.

7. Yogurt: When it comes to dairy products, not all are created equal. But yogurt can contain a good amount of protein especially because it combines casein and whey. Look for organic Greek style yogurts and avoid those excessively sweetened.

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