How Whey Protein Powder Enhances Workout Performance

Whey protein is one of the leading protein choices for athletes everywhere. When lean, strong muscles are the goal, whether it’s full-on cardio, weights, or some high intensity interval training, we all want to gain muscle, shred the fat, and feel our very best. But if we’re not properly balancing our workouts with protein, they can be excruciating and even fruitless.

We hear it time and again that we need to fuel our bodies both before—and after—every workout. While protein-rich carbs can get us through our workouts (think whole grains like oats), we really need our protein fix after our workout. Otherwise, we risk muscle fatigue or a failed post workout recovery. Why put yourself through the torture of a workout if you’re not going to properly gain every last morsel of benefit? No gym membership is worth that! 


That’s why so many fitness experts turn to whey protein. While normal dairy protein (casein) can take seven hours to be absorbed by the body, whey protein powder can be absorbed in 20-30 minutes. That’s quite a difference! And that short window allows your muscles to gain all the benefits of the whey protein, which can drastically speed your muscle recovery and help you to see those results. Fast. 

But all whey protein powders aren’t equal. In fact, most of them are quite awful—sourced from conventional dairy products that can be loaded with antibiotics, growth hormones, and genetically modified livestock feed (corn and soy). Organic whey protein powder, like our own mustHave protein is small-batch produced, coming from farmers we know and trust. We quality test every batch of protein to make sure it meets our high standards for quality and flavor. And you can taste the difference—no chemical taste, just a natural sweetness and creamy goodness.

For best results, mix a whey protein with a fast-absorbing carbohydrate (such as a banana or other fruit) in a 2:1 ratio.

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