Can High Protein Foods Keep the Holiday Weight Off?

With Thanksgiving under your belt—literally—you may be wondering how you’re going to fit into your Christmas party dresses (or suits) in the coming weeks. Starting your holiday mornings with high protein foods may help.

Let’s face it, the holidays really are the best of times and the worst of times. You’re probably reading this after spending yet another Thanksgiving Day filled with too much delicious food and too many family feuds. We love this time of year almost as much as we stress about it—whether that’s the political debates likely to happen around the dinner table, or wondering if all those hours at the gym are going to be undone one bite of pumpkin pie at a time. But despite all that, it is a lovely time, particularly with young children around reminding us of all the joy of the season.

While we have little control over the family insanity levels at our annual holiday gatherings, we can control whether we let the stress of it all go to our hips.

One way to keep the weight off this season (aside from showing restraint when it comes to sweets) is to fuel your body with a protein-rich breakfast. Starting your day with a high protein/slow-carb meal can help to keep you full and fueled, even if the rest of the day’s (week’s?) calories aren’t the cleanest or leanest.

A protein-rich breakfast (in the 30 grams range) that’s also boasting healthy slow carbs (think whole grain, fruits) can curb the cravings for sweets. Bonus: even if you can’t resist the whiff of pumpkin spice in the air, you may find that you can’t consume as much, and that of course, is a good thing.

Indulging is inevitable—and even important in keeping things in balance. But you can mitigate the damaging effects of going full doughnut. And you may still fit into that holiday outfit after all.

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