Is a High Protein Diet More Effective Than Anti-Aging Creams?

People eat high protein diets for a number of reasons—usually those are to support fitness goals, muscle building, and weight loss. But what about younger looking skin? Can a high protein diet help you look younger? 

According to renowned physician Dr. Mercola, foods high in protein—whey protein specifically—may help to make you look (and feel) younger without having to spend thousands of dollars on expensive skin care products or anti-aging treatments or surgeries. 

The reason whey and a high protein diet may give your skin an age-reversing boost has to do with telomeres—bundles of DNA found in every cell of the body. As we age, our telomeres shrink, which scientists think is most likely due to free radical damage.

Free radicals get into our body in numerous ways: from the unhealthy foods we eat to environmental pollutants—and even chemicals in this so-called anti-aging skin care products.

But glutathione, an antioxidant the body produces when it’s exposed to the amino acids glycine, glutamate, and cysteine, which are abundant in whey protein, has been shown to prevent telomere damage and may even help restore length back to telomeres.

This is exceptionally good news for your face—as well as the rest of your body.

Because whey protein is high in the amino acids that produce glutathione, you’re giving your cells a chance to rebuild and refresh. And for your face, this can mean fewer wrinkles, less unsightly dark circles and bags under your eyes, and firmer, healthier looking skin over all.

“Whey protein is the easiest and most convenient way to do this,” says Mercola. “But not just any whey protein will do, it needs to be high quality and very carefully processed from grass fed organic cows to preserve the fragile amino acid precursors.”

We won’t argue with that!

Check out The Organic Whey and see if you notice a younger looking you in the mirror.

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