5 Protein Smoothie Hacks to Perfect Your Mixology

5 Protein Smoothie Hacks to Perfect Your Mixology

We may be in the dead of winter, but there’s always room for a protein smoothie in the mix! Especially if you’re using them as part of your fitness program or weight loss goals. Make yours better, easier, and more nutritious with these smoothie hacks.

Smoothies are so great; they’re a simple and effective delivery system for proteins like whey powder. We love them on the go, before or after a workout, and as snacks for kids. But smoothies can be so laborious! Here’s how to max your smoothie benefits with a few simple hacks. 

1. Pre-measure your smoothie: Granted, this will take you a bit of work a few times a month, but it’ll save you time in the long run. Got a favorite (or a few) smoothie recipe? Cut and measure out your frozen fruits (essential to any smoothie) and freeze them in individual bags for easier dump and blend smoothies.

For one smoothie, try using ½ of a banana, a cup or so of other fruits like berries, peaches, or pineapple. And add in a couple handfuls of chopped greens like kale, spinach, or watercress.

Drop the ingredients into bags, suck the air out before sealing and then simply grab one and mix with your liquid and protein powders.

2. Another excellent smoothie hack is to freeze smoothies after they’re made. Blend up a big batch of your favorite smoothies and freeze them in mason jars (just leave about an inch at the top so it doesn’t break). Defrost your smoothie for about 90 minutes before you plan to drink it. Perfect timing is to pop it out of the freezer just before you head out for your workout.

3. Buy your protein in bulk: There’s nothing worse than heading to the pantry to dole out your protein powder for your smoothie and find there’s barely a scoop left. You’ve got options, though. You can buy in bulk (by the case) to make sure you always have some on hand. Or try setting up an auto-ship subscription so more is always on the way.

4. Max your clean up: Nobody likes cleaning up the gloppy blender, right? Here’s the hack everyone will love: Squirt in some dish soap and water and flip the blender to high and it’ll do most of the cleaning work for you!

5. Get a reusable straw: Whether you make your own smoothies or grab one on the go, straws get lost or forgotten all too often. They also contribute unnecessary waste to landfills. Get yourself a reusable glass, bamboo, or metal straw and always carry it in your purse or gym bag so you’re never left with smoothie mustache.

 image: jules:stonesoup

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