Build Back Better: How Organic Whey Improves Post-Workout Recovery


When you workout, your body breaks down the fibers in your muscles and taxes the strength of your cardiovascular system. Afterwards, your body is starved for energy and demands fuel to rebuild. The easiest way to get the nutrients needed for a quick recovery is to add protein. According to WebMD, whey is one of the best sources of the nutritional energy for your body after exercise.(1) With the highest concentration of protein per serving, whey helps the body regenerate lean muscle and provides a sustainable supply of energy to stay charged during the day. Whey also reinforces the immune system, speeding muscle regeneration and enhancing endurance for the next workout.

Why Whey

Whey protein works so efficiently because it is rich in branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). BCAAs are what the body uses to initiate protein synthesis and muscle regrowth. All humans require eight essential amino acids to form a protein molecule, and whey protein is the leading source of these compounds. Researchers have found that diets high in BCAAs can significantly improve post-workout recovery.(2)(3)

A meta-analysis of the research on whey protein shows that increasing the levels of BCAAs provides the necessary bioactive compounds to enhance metabolism, prevent muscle breakdown, and extend physical activity.(4) Because whey is one of the fastest digesting proteins in human nutrition, the body can quickly absorb these stores of amino acids to improve performance before, during, and after exercise. Whey also provides a healthy supply of glycogen in the form of glucose. This energy pack keeps the body fueled and full to operate at top levels without the risk of fatigue or muscle soreness.

Why Organic

Whey comes from milk and is the naturally distilled liquid byproduct that results from making cheese. The liquid whey is then converted into a dry powder to be mixed and consumed with other foods. The key to the nutritional value of the whey is the original source of the milk - whether it derives from organically raised cows or those processed on inorganic, factory farms.

Organic whey is made using milk provided by cows grazing in fresh, open-air pastures. The farms are USDA Certified and the cows live free from antibiotics, pesticides, unnatural fertilizers, or bovine-growth hormones. Studies have shown that hormones and pesticides used on inorganic farms can increase the risk of cancer in women and harm male sexual potency.(5)(6)(7) Doctors are now finding that the high levels of antibiotics used on these farms may also be contributing to human antibiotic resistance.(8)

The milk used to produce organic whey is protected from any chemicals and toxins. It is also cold-processed during the transition from liquid to powder to preserve the integrity of the protein structure, which can be damaged or diminished in heat-processed commercial products. The whey is free from any artificial compounds or fillers that can inflame the body and slow post-workout recovery, and is gluten-free, easy to digest, and hypoallergenic.

For Best Results

Since organic whey is a pure protein powder without any fake sugars or flavoring, it can be mixed into meals without the bitter or chalky taste associated with inorganic products. Many people blend it into smoothies or shakes for a quick boost after a workout. It also stirs easily into yogurt and oatmeal, or can be added to homemade granola and protein bars for extra energy.

Researchers find that active people can benefit from organic whey when taken before, after, and even during exercise. Nutritionists recommend trying organic whey at night when the body is at rest and the human growth hormone is most active. This may be when the body is especially responsive to the BCAAs prevalent in the organic whey and best able to rebuild the protein structures. Whether day or night, the conclusion among all scientists is that organic whey significantly improves muscle repair, enhances endurance, and speeds post-workout recovery.










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