Win a Free 3-Month Supply of The Organic Whey Protein Powder

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Win a Free 3-Month Supply of The Organic Whey Protein Powder
By Sara Novak

The Organic Whey is giving away a free 3-month supply of pure organic goodness. We love our Facebook fans we want to thank them by giving three lucky winners a free 12-ounce pouch of The Organic Whey protein powder!

Here’s How to Enter
To enter, simply leave a comment on The Organic Whey Facebook page about why you want to win or leave a comment on your Facebook page and tag The Organic Whey. At the end of the submission period, we’ll compile the names and randomly pick three lucky winners. It’s that easy! The contest will run from Sep 20th to Sep 30th.
We want to hear from you about your experience with The Organic Whey. 

  • Have you experienced any changes in your life?
  • How do you use it?
  • Do you have a favorite recipe?
Here’s what some of our fans are saying:
Your whey is beyond organic. Its pristine. These fluffy crystals are the standard by which all others should be compared. It completely dissolves into my green smoothies and tastes sweet and wholesome. I bought a 12-ounce bag as a test. Received today and Im so impressed Im back for TWO 1.5 pounders.
- Jacklyn
I do my best to buy products that are produced organically and without harm to animals or nature. I believe this is not only healthiest for me, but it is best for all living things. I am delighted that your product meets all my standards, and particularly that the dairy cows are fed natural green grasses and are treated with the highest humane standards. This is worth a lot to me.
- Heather

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