mustHave Greens Launch & Whey Product Name Change

Here at The Organic Whey, we’ve been really busy! As you may have noticed, we’ve been hard at work on a new product launch, a name change and a website redesign. (

As Americans who are trying hard to stay healthy and enjoy the benefits of the latest in scientific findings, but at the same time stay away from fad foods, we struggle with what supplements or health food products we should be regularly consuming. So, for our own products we have decided to name them so that everyone knows what we think are “mustHaves” and which products are “nicetoHaves”.

At this point, the two products available are our mustHave whey Protein (formerly The Organic Whey) and our new product that we’re very excited about, our mustHave Greens. We think these products include “must haves" that the vast majority of individuals seeking to improve their overall health will value. These are products that we take everyday and we had an unfulfilled need ourselves when we decided to develop and launch the product. As with any successful product, very soon other products pop up.

Meet Our mustHave Greens


We all know the various benefits of adding leafy green vegetables to our diet but given our busy lives it is usually not possible to get enough raw greens in our salads on a daily basis.

Our mustHave greens start with the highest quality ingredients, which we source from our vetted farmers and suppliers. We don’t grow our own grasses but we feel that is an advantage because we don’t have to force ourselves to utilize every part of the harvest. We simply pick the highest-grade ingredients from farmers, and the result is a delicious, nutritiously balanced product we think is a “must have.”

Most green powders on the market attempt to provide some combination of grass powder and other plant-based ingredients. We saw two major issues with everything available on the market:

1) Most brands freeze-dry the grass and then powder it. Although it is nutritionally beneficial, it doesn’t have the same benefits of pure grass juice, and it also add an earthy, undesirable taste to the greens product. Instead, we juice our grasses first and then convert the juices into powder. This gives our greens a dark green color and you will never have the taste of soil in your mouth. Most importantly, you will get the benefits of using a pure, fresh-pressed juice.

2) There are many greens on the market that claim to be gluten-free. Our research into the matter found that there is a possibility of contamination of gluten in wheat grass. So, our product does not contain any wheat grass or barley grass. You can rest assured that it is indeed always gluten-free.

Our MustHave greens are more expensive than other greens on the market, but here’s why it’s worth it:

- We only work with suppliers who pay fair wages to their employees and contractors. We don’t try to squeeze every last penny from our suppliers. We also pay decent salaries to our own employees. We don’t want to live in a world where everyone lives on minimum wage. That is not sustainable.

- We buy ingredients in small batches and make the final product in small batches that we can sell within 2 months. This increases the cost but it is worth it.

- We use grass juice powders, which cost significantly more than freeze-dried grass powder.

- The only comparable product on the market is Food Matter’s Greens and that cost is $6.27 per ounce. Ours is $5.125 per ounce.

- Only a small percentage of ingredients that are available in the market are qualified to be in our products.

If you still feel that our prices are too high, perhaps we are not right for each other. (We are not being arrogant, just being honest.) If you agree with our price and philosophy, have a health condition for which you need any of our products but can’t afford it, please contact us and we will try our best to get you our product for free if you really need it and can’t afford it.

We plan on bringing you much more exciting news about our mustHave products and our mission in the very near future. Please tune in to our blog for daily articles and inspiration, share your thoughts and comments with us on our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram pages. And we’ll be sending out emails regularly—about two times per week—with useful information, deals and much more. So make sure you add us to your contacts.

Thank you for you continued support!

In Good Health, 

The Organic Whey Team

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