5 Ideas for Reusing Our Product Packaging

When it comes down to slowing climate change, making the world healthier and more hospitable place for all of us, the little things really do make a difference. Of course, that’s in addition to all the big stuff we’re all hopefully already working on—reducing fossil fuel use, supporting renewable energy, organic farming and so on. But we can also take pride in doing those subtle, little things, like reducing our food waste and our trash. Keeping plastic out of landfills. And we have also found some exciting “new” ways for reusing our own foil product packaging that we think you might appreciate.

We considered lots of packaging options for the mustHave organic whey and greens, but when it came down to it, shipping a lighter-weight product (not in a heavy glass bottle) seemed to do the planet a bigger favor in reducing fossil fuels. So, we chose the foil bags you see (pictured above). 

Still, that doesn’t mean you should just trash your greens or whey bag once you’re through! These sturdy, gusseted bags can have many reusing options. Here are some of our favorite ways to reuse the bags:

  1. Turn it into a small trash bag. Yes, you’re still sending it to a landfill eventually, but you’re keeping another bag out. And because our bags aren’t as large as a kitchen or yard trash bag, perhaps it can motivate you to make a little bit less trash, even if for just one week. Or use it in your car to keep the trash from cluttering under your seat.
  2. Use it for storage. It’s a great sturdy bag for arts and craft supplies for kids, odds and ends, nails and screws, etc.
  3. Turn it into a lunch bag. Fill it with a yummy sandwich, a small container of fruit or veggies and keep the flimsy brown paper bags out of the landfill. With proper care you can use this for weeks worth of lunches, if not months.
  4. Buy and store your bulk foods. Take the bag to your favorite health food store and load up on whole grain oats, rice, beans, etc in this sealable, reusable bag. While most bags stores offer are thin and prone to tearing, this will hold up to even the heaviest bulk items.
  5. Closet freshener. We recommend doing this after you’ve already reused the bag for a while in some of these other capacities. Poke a few small holes throughout the bag. Fill it with cedar chips, flower petals or other natural scented materials and hang it in your closet to keep your clothes and linens smelling fresh and clean.



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