GMO-Free Vending Machines Coming to a City Near You?


Mandatory GMO labeling may not be making its way to your local supermarket shelf any time soon, but in one Florida town, you may be able to find GMO-free foods highlighted in the city’s vending machines.

That’s the mandate passed by Peter Bober, the mayor of Hollywood, Florida, the city just north of Miami.

According to the mandate, all 45 of the vending machines owned by the city will have to offer GMO-free options in the machines. And, according to Natural Society, at least 30 percent of the products in each machine “will meet the American Heart Association’s recommended standards for food and beverages offered in the workplace. Another 20% will meet at least one of the recommended standards, and at least some of the options are to be non-GMO.”

While vending machines may conjure up images of candy bars and chips, many are getting seriously healthy makeovers. “Healthy vending companies have developed ready-made menu planograms that meet USDA nutrition requirements created by Registered Dieticians,” reports Natural Society. “Additionally, they can work with interested citizens to meet specific needs including offering Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Dairy-Free and Non-GMO selections.”

Vending machines in schools have phased out sodas and sugary soft drinks, and they could soon be stocked with organic and natural foods as well. New regulations will also require vending machines to list calories on items available in the machines in order to help consumers make healthier food decisions. This rule will also be applied to chain restaurant menus.

There are currently no federal regulations on the sale or labeling of foods containing genetically modified ingredients. Vermont, Maine and Connecticut have passed GMO labeling laws and after a recount, Oregon’s recent Measure 92 ballot to require GMO labels in the state conceded to a loss by close to 800 votes. Vermont is already facing lawsuits from the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association and the biotech industry in an effort to prevent the state from requiring GMO labeling.

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