Zero-Waste Lifestyle Blogger Proves Going Trashless is Possible

Trash is unavoidable, right? Not if you’re Lauren Singer, the 23-year-old zero-waste enthusiast who, over the last two years, has only produced about a mason jar’s worth of trash. In total. 

According to EcoWatch, Singer said she “felt like a hypocrite sitting in her environmental classes listening to professors talk about the ‘importance of living your values’ and it made her question her own environmental impact.”

Inspired by California’s Zero Waste Home, Singer made her own attempt to reduce trash significantly. Using her blog as a daily journal on her waste-making, or rather, lack thereof, Singer’s key to sustaining her zero-waste lifestyle relies on a commitment to avoiding products that inevitably create trash. That’s anything that can’t be recycled or composted or upcycled around her home.

 Instead, she makes many of her own products, including toothpaste and deodorant. 

Her lifestyle is a testament to the fact that sustainable living doesn’t have to be super challenging or mean you live a boring, sad life,” reports EcoWatch. “You don’t have to be a stereotype of anything to live a sustainable lifestyle. My style is the same. My taste is the same. I enjoy the same things. I just don’t make trash,” Singer told AOL.

And here’s another bonus to keeping trash out of the landfills: it’s not expensive, according to Singer. “It’s so funny how that narrative caught on that living sustainably is like a ‘rich white people thing,'” she said to AOL. “It’s not the case at all. I spend like $20 to $25 a week now on everything that I need from the farmer’s market.”

Now, Singer is taking her zero-waste lifestyle model to a new level with the launch of The Simply Co., which produces sustainable cleaning products for people who want to reduce but can’t make the same zero-waste commitment.

But Singer hopes that The Simply Co. can be a stepping stone for individuals eager to decrease their trash, “leading a zero waste lifestyle is simple, cost-effective, timely, fun and entirely possible for everyone and anyone,” she said on her blog. “If I can do it, anyone can!”

Image via Lauren Singer's website.


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