Natural Cleaning Recipes for Every Room in the House

Housecleaning is not always the most exciting way to spend the day, but a clean house certainly is a happier home. At least, it should be!

But all those cleaning products developed for each room and surface of the house can be overwhelming, not to mention pricey. Oh, and they’re also totally unnecessary, too. That’s a really good thing considering many of them are just loaded with toxic chemicals and fragrances that don’t do your health or the environment any favors.

Lucky for those of us who like clean homes, we can achieve this without the use of harsh chemicals.

Here are our picks for the best natural cleaners for each room of the house:

Kitchen: Use baking soda, salt and lemon on tough grease stains on the oven and in the stove. You may need to make a paste with a little bit of water and leave overnight in the oven.

For counters, fridge, sink and the table, a mixture of apple cider vinegar, water and a few drops of lemon essential oil are all you need to get sparkling bacteria-free surfaces.

For floors, use a vinegar water mixture. Add a spoonful of olive oil for wood floors to enhance the shine.

Bathroom: Disinfect your toilet, sink and tub with vodka or rubbing alcohol diluted 50 percent with water. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil for a clean and fragrant boost.

For tough toilet stains, you can use plain baking soda directly in the toilet. Scrub, let sit for a few minutes and scrub again.

Baking soda also works on tough mildew stains in the tub.

Living Room, Den or Bedroom: You can dust surfaces with a rag dampened with the same vinegar mixture used on kitchen counters. Add a touch of olive oil for wood surfaces to enhance shine.

For carpets, sprinkle baking soda on rugs before vacuuming. You can also drop some essential oils onto rugs for a fresh clean scent. Try eucalyptus, peppermint or cinnamon.

Freshen furniture and bedding by spritzing a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and vodka with a fragrant essential oil like neroli or lavender. Open windows and allow to air dry.

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