Why Choose Green Juice Powder Over Fresh Green Juice?

In case you haven’t noticed, green juices are everywhere these days. There are juice bars popping up like Starbucks and even restaurants are adding in their own juice machines. And what’s not to love? Green juices are filled with good-for-you vitamins, antioxidants and energizing goodness. So why would you opt for a green juice powder over the fresh stuff? Here are a few reasons:

1. Vitality: Green juice powders are not all created equal, but some, like our mustHave greens, are pressed into juices before they’re dried, making them not only taste sweeter and fresh, but they also retain their nutrients, which some fresh juices can lose if left to sit too long.

2. Versatility: One of the most favorable benefits to green juice powder is that it is much more versatile than a fresh-pressed juice. You can add green juice powder to any number of food recipes, boost smoothies or make a quick green drink whenever you need it, no juicer required.

3. Fewer calories: Green juice powders tend to have fewer calories than fresh-pressed juices, which can be of particular interest to anyone aiming for weight loss. It’s so easy to add sweet fruits to a fresh green juice not only upping the calories, but the sugar content as well. Granted, fruit sugars are much healthier than processed and refined sugars, but if you really want a low-calorie green juice, powders may be the way to go.

4. Quality: Stepping into your local juice bar is not typically an unhealthy move—fruits and veggies are so important for good health!—but it can be less healthy than you had hoped. That’s because not all produce is the same. Most juice bars (and a lot of bottled juices) don’t use organic ingredients, and because they use so much produce, often buy what’s cheapest. Green juice powders tend to be made from high quality and organic green foods, picked at peak ripeness and processed while still fresh, rather than sitting in the cooler for several days. 

5. Taste: You’ve probably had a funky tasting green juice on more than one occasion. What’s the answer to that? Adding more fruit, of course, which as we already discussed, amps up the calories and sugar load. But green juice powders are always going to taste the same, so you know how you should prepare it, and what to expect. Most people report green juice powders tasting grassy and sweet, making them perfectly delicious just in water or blended into a smoothie or fresh juice for added nutrients.

6. Price: There's no question that fresh juices are pricy! And while green juice powders might bring a bigger sticker price, it's usually going to last you through many more juices at a fraction of the fresh juice cost. We'll drink to that!

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