Get Glowing Skin With Organic Greens Powder

When warm weather arrives—and it most certainly has—we’re ready to get outside and show a lot more skin. But if your skin is less than gorgeous, it’s not exactly the most comfortable situation. Did you know that organic greens powder can help? 

While organic greens powder might sound like a vague term, it actually points to a very specific group of food, mainly dried grasses (such as wheat, barley, oat, or alfalfa,, leaves (kale, spinach, arugula, etc) and algae (such as chlorella or spirulina).

The benefits of dried organic greens powders are many—from versatility, to price, and flavor. But there are even more incredible benefits specific to summer: clear and glowing skin.

Green foods tend to be high in skin-boosting vitamins including A, C, and E. They can also contain a number of plant antioxidants that have also been known to improve skin quality. Alfalfa and spirulina in particular, are known for their abilities to draw out impurities and aid the body in detoxification, which can help to clear away blemishes, and may reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Organic greens powder can also help to boost the bodies blood circulation, which will bring more color and a natural glow to your skin, giving the appearance of rosy cheeks and overall health.

Of course, the benefits of organic greens powder come mostly through consuming greens (like our mustHave greens), but glowing skin can also come as a result of using organic greens powder on the face in a mask. The same way the greens work inside your body, they can also work on the skin by drawing out impurities while delivering vitamins and antioxidants to help the skin look fresher and more vibrant.

To use greens powder on your face, mix with a small amount of vinegar and honey to form a paste. You can also mash an avocado into the mix and apply to the face. Leave on for about ten minutes. Rinse with cool water.

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