7 Protein Powder Recipes: Beyond the Blender

If smoothies and shakes are what comes to mind when you think about protein powder, you're going to love these seven surprising recipes!

Protein powders like whey have a number of delicious uses - - from adding protein and flavor to baked goods and cereals - - to the most fantastic homemade energy bars.

Read on for our favorite protein powder recipe roundup.

Chocolate Chip Cake

Turn your snacking into an extra-healthy and delicious protein-rich indulgence with this easy chocolate chip cake recipe. Replace chocolate chips with dried fruits or nuts if you want an even healthier treat, or add them in along with the chocolate chips for a super tasty dessert. Get the Chocolate Chip Cake recipe here.

Strawberry Smoothie

Forego the guesswork when it comes to the perfect smoothie with this easy and tasty recipe. Strawberries give it a sublime fruity and tart flavor, and the organic whey makes it creamy and sweet. Use frozen berries if fresh ones aren't in season. Get the Strawberry Smoothie recipe here.

Carrot-Fig ‘Nola Bars

This ain't your hippy-dippy granola bar! Fruits, seeds, nuts, puffed grains and organic whey protein mix together for a rich and satisfying snack that'll keep you going on the trail or at the gym. Get creative and add in your favorite dried fruits, nuts, or seeds if you don't see them on the list. Get the Carrot-Fig ‘Nola Bars recipe here.

Chunkier Chunks of Energy

These energy "chunks" are the perfect no-melt take-anywhere protein powerhouses. Made with super foods including organic whey, nuts, flax seeds and coconut, they'll keep you feeling energized and full for hours. Get the Chunkier Chunks of Energy recipe here.

Birdseed Bars

You may have to fight the birds away after making these protein-rich Birdseed Bars, but it'll be for good reason. Loaded with nutrient dense seeds like chia, flax and sunflower along with organic whey protein, these snack bars are both tasty and nutritious. Say goodbye to expensive energy bars for good! Get the Birdseed Bars recipe here.

Caramelized Apple Hazelnut Oatmeal with Whey Protein

Start your mornings off right with a protein-packed porridge. Oats, flax, coconut and organic whey protein give you a super start to any day, and will keep you feeling fully satisfied for hours. Sweet apples and crunchy hazelnuts offer a wonderful texture and flavor in this delicious alternative to instant oatmeal. Get the Caramelized Apple Hazelnut Oatmeal Recipe with Whey Protein here.

Blueberry Banana Smoothie Recipe with Organic Whey

The smoothie gets a makeover with this recipe. Organic blueberries, bananas, raw honey, organic whey protein and your favorite organic milk, blend together for a protein punch that also packs a whole lot of flavor. Get the Blueberry Banana Smoothie Recipe with Organic Whey here.


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